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What was the gambling game of choice for confederate soldiers

What was the gambling game of choice for confederate soldiers casino entry mt online this top trackback trackback url

He should have informed the Callistone syndicate of his decision. Learn more about Confederate Soldiers.

Poker-playing Yankees and Rebels became notorious for tossing decks of playing cards into the woods as they made their way to the field of battle. The Life of Johnny Reb: How Many Fought About 2. The boys lark, sing, shout, do all these merry things that make the entertainment of volunteer service" Sutherlandp. The Union army responded by issuing desiccated vegetables. Posted by Michelle Ule on April 19, http:

Civil War soldiers, like all soldiers, spent the vast majority of their That deck, in turn, determined the range of card games they played. . For gambling or for simple fun, playing cards are a staple in . The New York Times Company · Contact Us · Work With Us · Advertise · Your Ad Choices · Privacy. Twice as many Civil War soldiers succumbed to death from disease as from bullets, of entertainment in the form of music, cards and other forms of casino-bestfusion.xyzg: game ‎choice. Games such as poker, twentyone, and keno were prevalent. During the winter of , a gambling house was erected near the town by Confederate soldiers. The drink of choice was typically whiskey, but brandy, wine and gin were.

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